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There are a number of names used for harling services. You may know it as it roughcasting and pebble dashing. They are all the same core product and service.

Harling is simply coating the walls with a mixture of lime and sand as a form of cement, and stone aggregate. Harling is a very common form of finish for housing in Scotland, and the harling acts as a protection for your home, to help keep it warm and dry inside.

There are various finishes that we can achieve.  First there is an initial wall coating, or rendering, which puts on the waterproof layer. This is then finished off with in a number of different ways. 

Pebble dashing is  the most popular form of finish, and usually consists of very small stone chips being thrown at the wall, so that they adhere to the waterproof coating,  and give a very nice effect. The chips come in different colours, although the most popular are the very light, slightly shaded varieties.

The art of good pebble dashing is not as easy as it looks. It is mainly a plastering job, which requires someone with good experience and knowledge of rendering techniques and mixes. If the chips are thrown too hard they sink into the waterproof coating and look unsightly. If they are not thrown hard enough then they fall out causing bare patches.

Flynn Roughcasters operate in the Midlothian area, but we will undertake all your new build roughcasting, or repairs throughout Edinburgh, Borders and Fife regions.

dry dashing

Dry dashing, is also known as pebble dash or pebble dashing. Its a very hard-wearing and waterproof finish. Dry dash would more commonly be specified on local authority refurbishment and regeneration projects rather than new build. The final aesthetic appearance of any dash project can vary enormously depending on the colour of the dashing mortar chosen in conjunction with a complimentary aggregate.

We provide free surveys for all roughcasting/harling projects and can provide our professional guidance on the best option for the exterior of your property. To arrange your survey and quotation in Edinburgh, The Lothian’s and Fife please contact us below.

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