Wet Dashing

As Central Scotland’s premier wet provider, you can count on Flynn Roughcasters to provide you with a quality and excellent value solution that exceeds your expectations.

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Wet dashing

Wet dashing is an even harder wearing coating than dry dash, and its a traditional type finish which is ideal for coastal, suburban and rural environments.
Wet dash is a popular alternative to dry dash, especially in Scotland, where a flat base coat is applied followed by a through-coloured slurry coat which when evenly applied provides a watertight textured finish. Flynn offer a number of different styles of this particular finish and it depends on the grade of stone used and the way in which its applied either by machine or by hand.

Wet dashing is a finish which is traditionally and commonly painted. We offer a wide range of colours with through coloured render which will not only save time and money as well as the maintenance costs in the future.

We provide free surveys for all wet dashing projects and can provide our professional guidance on the best option for the exterior of your property. To arrange your survey and quotation in Edinburgh, The Lothian’s and Fife please contact us below.

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